Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Social Media
March 2015
by Daniella Bernasconi

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and more, have become a popular tool to link with new and old connections. However, more often today, recruiters are screening potential employees through this means throughout the hiring process because of the high level of competition. This doesn’t mean you cannot be on social media, it just means you have to be more conscious about the content you wish to share through these platforms and what level of privacy you are choosing for them.

For example, you can decide to keep Facebook for personal means and LinkedIn to build a professional background. Nonetheless, you have to realize that no matter how private the settings are inappropriate content may still be visible to potential employers. LinkedIn has grown to be an excellent resource for networking and being able to show recruiters the experience that you have. In addition, LinkedIn allows you to join groups of other like-minded individuals. By connecting with others, you may find people in your desired field and they can even help you land a job! Social Media can be a positive influence in your career, you just have to make sure you are sharing the right content on the right platform. 

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