Thursday, January 29, 2015

Searching For A Job
January 2015
By Daniella Bernasconi

Searching for a job can often feel like an aggravating task; however, there are many sites that have outstanding resources to help you score a job. The trick is to start early, make a plan, and work on your interview skills.

Before you start, do as much research as you possibly can. Look for as many online resources to search for jobs and do not restrict your search to your hometown, an out of state job can give you the experience and learning components you might just be looking for.  You may find helpful resources in the Take Stock In Children main website. An additional resource is Career Fairs. Most universities hold annual Career Fairs at their respective schools. They are a great way to get ahead and connect with employers. You get first hand exposure to many networking and job opportunities and if you are well-prepared, Career Fairs can be a successful part of your job search.

Problem, Action, Result (PAR) statements in your resume can help employers recognize your achievements. To land an interview, make sure you are maximizing the impact of the skills you have acquired as experience.  It is also important that you develop and continuously update your LinkedIn with a professional photo, and start volunteering for a cause you are passionate about. Companies today are beginning to realize the importance of giving back through community service and volunteering and are looking for employees who are well-rounded and committed to service.

Interviewing can often be nerve-racking but good preparation will help you control the nervousness and present yourself with confidence. Make sure you do prior research on the company but do not limit your search to company-controlled information. Find out the companies mission statement, long-term goals, and skills and characteristics they value most in their employees. This will help you build confidence prior to your interview date.

Searching for a job doesn't need to be a difficult, dreadful task. All it takes is for one person to do the right research and have the right preparation. Just remember, you can never be too prepared for an interview so never stop doing research and learning about the job opportunities that are waiting for you!

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