Thursday, September 20, 2012

Help is on the way to writing a great essay!

Greetings and salutations all! 

My name is Nyame and I am also serving this year as an AmeriCorps member in the role of a Career Success Coach.  Today's blog entry is about Essay writing.  There are many styles of essay writing that you may have already encountered through your duration in school.  For instance in language arts or english composition perhaps your teacher as an assignment has required you to write an essay expounding on your thoughts about a book you have read in class.  Or maybe you have participated in an essay contest where you write about why cleaner neighborhoods make for a cleaner world.

Some essay writing requires you to compare and contrast ideas about a particular topic while others simply want to know your thoughts in an explanitory manner.  Whether the essay is for a classroom assignment, the FCAT, or in some cases scholarships or college exams, the ability to write an appealing essay is paramount. Writing isn't your best subject you say? No fret. Check out this cool article that I found doing a google search on essay writing : 


In the article could you find yourself relating to the young person with all the crumbled pieces of paper and yet another blank sheet in front of them?  Many a nights in college how I wished I had a majic wand to wave over my brain so that I could articulate myself in a manner that would be satisfying to my professor.  You see I didn't want to go through the steps of writing my thoughts out, then organizing my thoughts into outline form to actually have a chronological template to follow.  I just wanted to " wing it" and unfortunately caused myself a great amount of grief grade wise.

Trust me when I say, if you want to have a good trip, you have to plan accordingly.  The same analogy can be applied to any form of essay writing, if you want to stand out, get noticed, ace the essay exam or be the candidate that the scholarship board just can't refuse, plan your essays accordingly.

Until Next Time Peace and Blessings,

Nyame :)

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