Monday, May 13, 2013

Teacher's Appreciation Tribute

So in case you were not aware, last week was Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week.  I wrote a specific piece about one of my favorite teachers that I would like to share with you.

Since it is Teacher and Staff appreciation week, I decided to share a write up of a teacher that helped me while I was in elementary school.  For my fifth grade year because we moved, I had the option of going to the neighborhood school or finishing off at my current elementary school.  I didn't really like going to the other side of town for school and wanted a change so my parents allowed me to go to the school nearby.  

My fifth grade year was exciting because it was my last year in elementary school before I went to middle school.  The year started off great, I made a few new friends and even got elected to be on the school newspaper.  Then as the school year went forward, there was a shift of how I was received by my peers.  Because I really didn't know how to handle rejection, when things hurt my feelings I would cry.  This behavior made me a target for getting picked on.  One day my teacher brought to my attention that I needed to learn how to take some responsibility in my altercations\instead of always playing the victim role.  She would point out to me how my attitude affected the way others would treat me, but more importantly was the portrayal of how I felt about myself.  Mrs. Jones inspired me to push myself and to take chances.  It was because of her that I participated in the black history month program where I played the part of Harriet Tubman (Improv) and it was also because of her that I got my act together and pulled all my grades up.
There have been many great teachers in my lifetime, but Mrs. Jones is one that will always be the one that goes down in my teacher’s hall of fame.

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